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Zagreb Stock Exchange (ZSE)

posted onMay 10, 2017

The ZSE was established in 1991 as the successor of "Zagreb Stock Exchange for the goods and values" which was co-founded by Samuel David Alexander in 1907. The exchange market operated steadily until it was closed in 1911. This decision was made by shifting the market operations to the newly formed Southern Slavic country with the financial center of Belgrade. In 1919 the Zagreb Stock Exchange was reopened in a completely new political setting, where Croatia became part of the State of Slovenes, Croats, and Serbs (SHS). 

The Exchange Market managed to survive somehow until 1945 when ts operations were suspended  under the socialist regime (the new governmental structure after WWII).The Exchange Market remained closed until Croatia’s independence in 1991. 25 banks and 2 insurance companies reopened the market in 1991. Since then on, even during the war (1991-1995), the Zagreb Stock Exchange remained active and gained more and more participants and companies. 
A rapid development of share ownership and trading in Croatia is best illustrated by the fact that in the first five years following the introduction of the electronic trading system, between 1995 and 2000, the Zagreb Stock Exchange market capitalization grew almost 10 times (982.6%).
The Zagreb Stock Exchange assumed an important role in international cooperation as a member of the Federation of Euro-Asian Stock Exchanges and the Federation of European Stock Exchanges. It is the trading place for securities. It offers MOST Information Channel, a system for exchange information dissemination through the Internet. The company also offers auctions for croatian privatisation fund. 
Ivana Gazic CEO Zagreb Stock Exchange

Key people:
Ivana Gazic  (President)
Ms Gazic is the President of the Management Board of Zagreb Stock Exchange since May 2010. She is also President of the Supervisory Board of the SEE LINK, a project started by Bulgaria, Macedonia and Zagreb stock exchanges with the objective of creating a regional infrastructure for trading of securities listed on those three markets. Following the acquisition of the Ljubljana Stock Exchange in late 2015, she is also the president of its Supervisory Board.

Phone: +385 1 46 86 800
Fax: +385 1 46 77 680
Email: pitanja[at]
Address: Ivana Lucica 2a, Zagreb, 10000, Croatia
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