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Sebastian Sienkiewicz follows his passion

posted onFebruary 23, 2020

You can outsmart me but you will never outwork me.

A few months ago we had the opportunity to get acquainted with Mr Sebastian Sienkiewicz via Twitter and to cooperate with him on a publication project. At the end of the project, we have to admit, we were very impressed by the maturity of his deep thinking, knowledge, and his various analyses of the world markets on his blog.

When we read about his age (just 27) on his CV, we thought a new star may be born in the sky of  international finance. Mr Sienkiewicz has already not only managed to hold a Masters in Investment Analysis, to pass two levels of the CFA exams but he also gained various experiences that gave him readiness to actively take part in the investment field.

We asked him for an interview and he simply accepted it as he is curious and open. You will read below our questions and his answers which are characterised by the straightfulness of his personality inspiring you to trust him. 

Mr Sebastian Sienkiewicz's
with Investopress on February 23, 2020

IP: Who or what inspired you to first get into the competitive finance industry? Who is your mentor?

SEB. S: What a fantastic introduction, thank you for your kind words. I would also like to thank you for the opportunity to write a column for your Newspaper. That was a great experience as well as responsibility to provide insightful and accurate content. In responding to the question, I was inspired by I think the most popular financial and investment portal in Poland, Independent Trader. That was more than five years ago when I was starting my journey studying a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and Econometrics. Trader21 with the team has built a fantastic community around that and has been providing very useful analysis for investors to this day. I also have been given a chance to work for them for one year in 2019 before I moved abroad again. Nowadays, I don’t have a mentor as such but I gain knowledge from a variety of analysts, investors, and sources. If you follow me on Twitter you will quickly figure out what I value the most.

IP: What is the biggest difference in your life post-blogging and what information do you take under consideration before writing an investment product analysis or market analysis?

SEB.S: I think that in everything I do I try to apply a common-sense approach. It means that I am constantly researching. It is a never-ending process. I read a few hours a day different reports, mainstream and non-mainstream financial press, blogs, books as well as analysis on Twitter via threads. Of course, time is limited and you have to choose the most relevant sources but when you are with markets almost 14 hours a day then when it comes to writing an analysis it is pretty easy to find a useful tool for analysis.

Sebastian Sienkiewicz graduation picture

(Photo: Sebastian Sienkiewicz, MSc Investment Analysis, Graduation, University of Stirling, Scotland, UK)

IP: According to your knowledge, what do investors demand from a fund manager today?

SEB.S: I think that investors demand transparency and they want to understand the investment process. Of course, an investment return is important but in the environment of historically low-interest rates it is very difficult to get an advantage on the market.

IP: What is your favourite quote, what’s the best advice you ever received? What would you advice somebody who wants to pursue a career in the difficult finance industry?
SEB. S: I will start with the advice I received and I am trying to apply it every day, which is simply to follow your passion. However, if you don’t have one then experiment with different things. When you are young you can spend a few months doing something and if you will not like it go for another thing.  Then eventually you will find something you love to do by repeating this process. I think that we are experiencing the development of a new paradigm in the finance industry, certainly in asset management.

Over the last decade it’s been a shift from active to passive funds which have significantly affected a job market making it extremely competitive. So, if you want to pursue a career in the industry, do a lot of internships while doing a degree, have a lot of interests apart from studies, stay consistent and work very hard. Having said that I would like to conclude the interview with my favourite quote which is: 
“You can outsmart me but you will never outwork me.”

Mr Sebastian Sienkiewicz's CV: 
CFA Level II Passed, MSc Investment Analyst, University of Stirling (UK) graduated as the top student. Former UBS AG intern in Zurich(Switzerland) and Junior Research Analyst at Independent Trader (the best Polish Financial Blog in 2016, 2017)

BLOG: Read Mr Sienkiewicz's blog where you can find weekly financial markets wrap, analysis and more: 
TWITTER: Follow him on Twitter where you can read his comments on markets, economy, geopolitics and more :

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