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Romania's freight railway group Grampet expands operations in Serbia

posted onNovember 21, 2018

Grampet Group, owned by Romanian businessman Gruia Stoica, has launched operations for Eurorail Logistics Serbia, the first private railway operator in the neighbouring country, where railway freight transports have recently been liberalised. 

The first loaded train transporting goods has crossed the route Subotica (at the Hungarian border) – Surcin (near Belgrade). A new train transporting goods will be leaving from Surcin and travel to the Romanian border, where it will be taken over by the Romanian Railway Group (Grup Feroviar Român),Grampet Group's flagship company. Grampet Group rail operators are thus carry out a transports and goods exchange circle, which results into a stronger regional development through better connectivity. 

“This is a first-of-a-kind transport, since we are delivering and connecting clients’ orders through more countries, especially Serbia, soon after the local market’s liberalisation of freight rail transports. We are, actually, the first Romanian private operator currently operating in the neighbouring country,” Gruia Stoica, Chairman of GRAMPET Group – Grup Feroviar Roman, said in a statement. 

According to Stoica, Grampet Group is the first Romanian multinational with presence in Hungary, Bulgaria, Moldova, Serbia, Slovakia, Croatia, Austria, Germany and, more recently, Greece, and with an expansion strategy in seven more countries. 

Eurorail Logistics Serbia is the youngest operator in the group and has acquired its domestic and international rail freight transport license in 2013.  With the addition of Eurorail Logistics Serbia. 
the foreign companies in Grampet’s portofolio provide complex logistic solutions with a fleet of 20,000 wagons and 400 locomotives. 

Grampet Group
GFR (Grup Feroviar Roman) is Grampet Group's flagship company

Set up in 1999, Grampet Group, is the largest private rail group in Romania and in South-Eastern Europe. The group includes 16 companies with activities in all railway sectors, from the transport of goods, rolling stock manufacturing and repairs to logistics management and IT solutions for railway operators. 

GFR (Grup Feroviar Roman), the Group's flagship company, is the largest private railway operator in Romania, having a total market share of approximately 30% and a strategic position in key industries such as Oil & Gas, Constructions or Agriculture. The company was founded in 2001 as a shunting operator and entered the railway transport market one year later. Starting 2006, GFR has provided international freight transport services. 

In Bulgaria, Gampet Group operates through Bulgarian Railway Company. BRC was founded in 2004 and it is controlled entirely by private investors. 

In Hungary, the Group operates Train Hungary.  Established in 2005, the company, provided railway freight transport and forwarding services throughout Hungary. 

Other companies of the Group include Reva Simeria, Electroputere VFU Pascani, Reloc Craiova, and Electroputere VFU Craiova to name a few, which account for 100% of the rolling stock repair market in Romania. 

With a stated objective to connect the Atlantic Ocean through the North Sea, to the Pacific, through the South China Sea, GRAMPET Group which is member of TITR - Trans-Caspian International Transport Route (New Silk Way) is one of the main drivers for the development of transport corridors which connect Europe and Asia.

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