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Romania's President Klaus Iohannis wins second term with 66%

posted onNovember 25, 2019

Romania’s President Klaus Iohannis won in the second round of the presidential elections on Sunday (Nov. 24). Iohannis received two-thirds of the votes (65.88%) while his opponent, former prime minister Viorica Dancila won 34.12% of the valid votes, after the counting of votes from 99.67% of polling stations.

According to the Central Electoral Bureau (BEC), Iohannis obtained 6,437,151 valid votes and Dancila 3,334,466. Voter turnout was 9,953,659, representing 54.46% of the total number of voters registered within the permanent voter lists. Additionally, an unprecedented number of Romanians living abroad voted on Sunday, overwhelmingly supporting Iohannis, who got 94 percent of these votes.  

“The winner today is modern Romania, European Romania, the normal Romania,” Iohannis told reporters after polls closed. "I receive this victory with joy, thankfulness, modesty and with faith in Romania," he said. 

"After this victory, there are many things to do, to repair. I will get involved in creating a new majority, made of the democratic parties, which will lead Romania towards modernization, Europeanization,  to normal Romania. I promise you one more thing: I will be a fully involved president for Romania” Iohannis added.

Iohannis, 60, started his political career in 1990. He entered national politics in 2009 and won his first term as President of Romania in 2014 with 54.43% of the votes. 

While lacking an executive role, Romania's president has significant decision-making powers. He is in charge of foreign policy and security, he is commander in chief of the armed forces, nominates a prime minister — who then needs to be approved by Parliament. The President can veto laws adopted by parliament. 

“In the end, there was no surprise stemming from this year’s presidential elections. Still, investors have a lot to watch going forward, both in the very short-term and in the medium term.” Raiffeisen analysts wrote on Monday.

Romania's local and parliamentary elections are scheduled for the spring and autumn of 2020.

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