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Ministry of Public Finance of Romania employees protest over salary cuts

posted onMay 15, 2017

Around 22,000 employees of the Ministry of Public Finance of Romania started a spontaneous protest on Monday morning as a reaction to the draft unitary wage law, which is currently debated in the Parliament.

According to a press release issued by the National Federation of Trade Unions in Finance (FNSF) “The protest generated by the cut of salaries were started by employees and can extend on an undetermined period, which can lead to the freezing of the collection activity and of the relation with taxpayers”.

“Instead of paying 35,000 newly employed tax consultants with salaries of RON 10,000, double the salary in the system of the Ministry of Public Finance, the Romanian government would better pay the 25,000 employees responsible for collecting the state incomes, being a realistic investment, correct and time-efficient, which would lead to attracting and retaining well-trained staff able to cope with new requirements in the implementation of tax policy,” the press release reads.

The unions are referring to the plans of the government to pay consultants that will help households to submit their yearly tax returns.

The FNSF states that employees of the Ministry of Finance need higher wages because they do not benefit from bonuses, or other additional income, because they cannot have a second job to earn additional revenues.

The trade unions representing customs employees joined the protest and said they will conduct border controls which will no longer be selective, checking each vehicle that wants to enter or exit Romania.

“All the means of transport will be controlled, which will lead to the lower traffic and even to the blocking of Romania’s borders,” Unirea  Customs Union informs.

UPDATE 16/05/2017

Employees of the Ministry of Public Finance continue the protests in the counties of Prahova, Ialomita and Satu Mare on Tuesday. Employees from Galaţi, Buzău, Iaşi, Botoşani, Bacau and Cluj will probably join the protest. In Bucharest, there is no protest today, the President of Sed Lex, Vasile Marica, told MEDIAFAX.