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Prague Stock Exchange (PSE)

posted onMay 18, 2017

Prague Stock Exchange (PSE) is the largest and oldest organiser of the securities market in the Czech Republic and was established in 1871. Initially both securities and commodities were traded. The Prague exchange enjoyed great success in the sugar trade, becoming a key market for the whole Austro-Hungarian Empire. During the interwar period only securities were traded but was the era of its greatest prosperity. The Prague exchange even surpassed the Vienna exchange in importance.

World War II and the Communist regime put the PSE on hold for more than 60 years. It was reopened for trading on 6 April 1993. In 2004 with the EU accession of the Czech Republic, PSE became a member of the European Securities Exchanges . In 2006 the PSE expanded its activities to include investment certificates and futures while in 2008 the Vienna Stock Exchange acquired 93% stake in the PSE. Currently, the largest shareholder is CEESEG Aktiengesellschaft, with a 92.739% ownership interest.

Trading on PSE is conducted via licensed securities traders who are also the Exchange members. These are primarily the major banks and brokerages. Exchange trading results and other data are published at the website of the exchange and also are disseminated via information agencies and the media.

Petr Koblic Prague Stock Exchange CEO

Key people:
Petr Koblic  (CEO)
Mr. Koblic has been the CEO of Prague Stock Exchange since August 2004.  He also serves as Chief Financial Officer and Member of Management Board of Wiener Börse AG. He has been Chairman of the Management Board of the Power Exchange Central Europe since 2007. He worked in investment banking on various managerial positions. He has been a Director of Budapest Stock Exchange since 2011.

Phone: +420 221 832 821 
Email: info[at]
Address: Rybná 14, 110 05 Praha 1, Czech Republic