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Plume Labs' Flow beats air pollution

posted onJuly 5, 2017

Flow is the first smart mobile air quality tracker to help you understand, monitor and lower your exposure to air pollution, both indoors and on the go. Its companion mobile app and environmental AI helps you improve what you breathe, build healthier routines, and map air pollution to find breathing spaces in your city.

With Flow, for the very first time, users can finally track all major pollutants that cause harm to their health, and act to avoid them with real-time updates from its companion smart phone app.

Over the past two years, Plume Labs developed Flow’s sensing technologies and environmental AI in partnership with world-class environmental researchers, such as France’s CNRS-LISA and Imperial College London, to build the most comprehensive personal air quality tracking technology on the market.

This means Flow can provide the most accurate, actionable environmental health recommendations, to help users lower their exposure over time. By wearing Flow on their bag, purse, bike or stroller as they go about their day, users are contributing to a live air map, reporting hotspots so all can avoid pollution.

To make Flow a truly empowering companion against air pollution, Plume Labs partnered with global design and strategy firm frog. The two teams worked alongside in frog’s London studio, researching users needs for personalized air quality advice and thoroughly testing their designs with the active community of users of the Plume Air Report, Plume’s flagship air quality forecasting app.

The result: with its tall, sleek and elegant body, materials designed to last, and a versatile leather strap that quickly attaches to most bags, Flow’s distinctive design makes it a discreet yet beautiful, reliable and helpful companion, which you can be proud to carry at your side to find fresh air throughout the day.

A CES 2017 Innovation Awards Honoree in the ‘Tech for a Better World’ category, Flow is recognized for its engineering qualities, aesthetic and global community impact.


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