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Peter Martin Australia’s journalistic authority on economics

posted onMay 26, 2018

Peter Martin is Economics Editor of The Age, a daily newspaper that has been published in Melbourne, Australia, since 1854. He also writes for The Sydney Morning Herald (SMH), and The Canberra Times.

A former Commonwealth Treasury official with an honours degree in economics, he has reported economics for the ABC, the national news service in Australia and then Fairfax Media, one of the largest media companies in Australia and New Zealand, since 1985.

In 1993 he pioneered a new way of reporting about the personal side of economics, presenting Home Economics on ABC for more than a decade, using new research in the fields of economics and psychology to explore decision making. He also writes a fortnightly column about human-scale economics for the Sun Herald. In 1996 he was Journalist in Residence at Melbourne University's Economics Department.

His work for The Age, SMH and The Canberra Times puts him at the centre of the political action in Parliament House where he rubs shoulders with government ministers and their shadows. He often offends them. He works for his audience. 

In three decades of reporting Martin has covered events including the floating of the Australian dollar, the Black Tuesday 1987 stock market crash (which he witnessed first-hand from the stock exchange floor),the early 1990s recession, the Asian economic crisis and the failed and finally successful attempt to change Australia’s tax system. 

Martin has been described as one of the "best economics journalists" in Australia and is the co-author (with Ross Gittins) of four economics textbooks. 

He understands the hard stuff, but makes it simple, explaining complex questions without jargon.

In 2016 he was made a Distinguished Alumni of Flinders University in recognition of his contribution to the community's understanding.

What others think of Peter Martin

For mine one of the best economic journalists in the country - Bernard Keane,  Crikey's political editor 

The best economics correspondent - Ross Gittins, Economics editor of the SMH and an economic columnist for The Age 

At least he is consistent, consistently wrong - Jamie Briggs,  former Australian politician 

If you don't believe me, ask Peter Martin - Chris Caton,  Chief Economist of BT Financial Group

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