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Oslo Stock Exchange (Oslo Bors)

posted onAugust 22, 2019

Oslo Stock Exchange (Oslo Bors) was founded (as Christiania Børs) in 1819 and offers the only regulated markets for securities trading in Norway today. 

When Christiania (the name of Oslo between 1624 and 1925) Børs opened on 15 April 1819, its most important function of all was to set exchange rates for Norway’s currency. Equities and bonds listed and traded from 1881.

The first listing of securities contained 16 bond series and 23 stocks, including the Norwegian central bank (Norges Bank). As well as financial securities, prices for commodities were an important part of Oslo Bors’ activities before World War I.

Oslo Bors as it is today started to take shape from the end of the 1970s. It is a leading international exchange for energy, seafood and shipping. Its liquid secondary market plays a central role in providing debt and equity capital financing to business and industry.  

In 1990 the Oslo Stock Exchange launched trading in derivative products. In 2001, Oslo Børs was converted into a limited liability company and entered into private ownership.

In June 2019, Euronext completed the acquisition of Oslo Børs, to expand its footprint on the continent even further. Euronext prevailed in its bid for Oslo Stock Exchange after the Norwegian government deemed both Euronext and Nasdaq of the US as worthy owners. 

Together, Euronext and Oslo Bors form the leading pan-European exchange with financing venues in Amsterdam, Brussels, Dublin, Lisbon, Paris, and Oslo.

The Oslo Bors building (designed by architect Christian Heinrich Grosch between 1827 and 1829) is one of the first monumental buildings in Norway.

Oslo Stock Exchange CEO

Key people:
Havard S. Abrahamsen (President and CEO)
Mr Abrahamsen  took up his position as President and Chief Executive Officer of Oslo Børs VPS Holding ASA on 26 April 2019. He has been a partner at PwC since 2002, and he was Managing Director of PwC Norway between 2010 and 2018. He has also been on PwC’s Global Board for the last five years. Before joining PwC, Mr Abrahamsen spent eight years at Oslo Børs, where his final role was Executive Vice President, Equity Markets.

Phone:+47 22 34 17 00
Address: Tollbugata 2, 0152 Oslo, Norway

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