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NASDAQ Vilnius, Lithuania

posted onJuly 18, 2018

Vilnius Stock Exchange (formerly known as “National Stock Exchange of Lithuania” and now “NASDAQ Vilnius”) was founded in 1992 in Vilnius, Lithuania and held its first session with 19 securities listed. 

On 15th January 2003 the Exchange conducted the 2000th trading session. During 2000 trading sessions more than 297 thousand transactions for LTL 12 billion were performed. 

In 2004, NASDAQ acquired the Vilnius Stock Exchange. The same year the Exchange was granted an affiliate status with the World Federation of Exchanges and became a full member of the Federation of European Securities Exchanges (FESE). 

In 2008, the Exchange introduced a new debt securities market segment. 

In 2009, the Exchange started primary auctions of Lithuanian Government bonds. 

In 2010, the Exchange changed  the trading and settlement currency from the litas to the euro. 

On 1st February 2011, shares of the first index fund, OMX Baltic Benchmark Fund, were included in the Fund Trading List. This is the first open investment fund in the Baltic countries established under the Baltic benchmark stock index, OMX Baltic Benchmark GI. 

On 5 October 2011, the Ministry of Finance of Lithuania signed Government securities auction participant contract with the Latvian bank Swedbank AS. This was the first Auction participant outside Lithuania. 

In 2013, the Exchange announced the annual competition for the best research paper devoted to the Lithuanian or Baltic stock market. The competition aims to encourage students to analyze stock market news, trends and changes as well as to assess the impact of the stock market on the country's economic development. 

As of June 15, 2018, Market capitalization of Vilnius stock exchange equities was 3.9 billion euro, and consist of 30 companies.

NASDAQ Vilnius, together with Nasdaq’s exchanges in Riga and Tallinn is part of the joint Nasdaq Baltic market. Nasdaq Baltic market includes a common Baltic equities market with harmonised trading rules and market practices, same trading system, joint trading lists, harmonised indexes, a single membership, trading and settlement currency allowing investors easy access to all Baltic listed financial instruments through any of the pan-Baltic members.  

Saulius Malinauskas NASDAQ Vilnius CEO

Key people:
Saulius Malinauskas  (CEO)
Mr Malinauskas has been Chairman of the Management Board and the President of Nasdaq Vilnius since March 2017. Mr. Malinauskas has been working at Vilnius Stock Exchange since 1996 and participated in the creation and development of the Lithuanian securities market.

Phone: +370 5 25231410
E-mail: vilnius[at] 
Address: Konstitucijos ave. 29,Business center k29, LT-08105 Vilnius, Lithuania

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