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NASDAQ Tallinn, Estonia

posted onJuly 13, 2018

The Tallinn Stock Exchange, now “Nasdaq Tallinn” is the only regulated secondary securities market in Estonia. 

A foreign currency and securities exchange launched in 1920 in Tallinn was the predecessor of the Tallinn Stock Exchange. Until 1928, a listing committee of bank representatives quoted security prices once a year, on the last day of the year. Starting in March 1934, prices were quoted once a month, on the last day of the month. The exchange closed in March 1941. After restored independence in 1991, Estonia undertook to create a securities market from the ground up. 

The Tallinn Stock Exchange was established in April 1995 by 10 commercial banks, 9 brokerage firms and state players (Hüvitusfond, Bank of Estonia, and Ministry of Finance), equal holding of each of them. Licensed by the Ministry of Finance, Tallinn Stock Exchange opened for trading on May 31, 1996 with 11 securities listed.

In October 2000 Tallinn Stock Exchange and Estonian CSD formed, based on the two companies, a group under single strategic management.

In April 2001, HEX Group from Finland acquired strategic ownership in the Tallinn Stock Exchange Group. Trading in Estonian securities in the HEX trading system started on February 25, 2002.
September 4, 2003 was the first day of operations for OMHEX, the new parent company of HEX Tallinn, created by the merger of Swedish OM and Finnish HEX.

The next year, as a result of merger between Finnish and Swedish securities market operators into OMX, the Tallinn Stock Exchange adopted new trading platform.

In 2008 NASDAQ and OMX merged; NASDAQ OMX Group, Inc. was formed. OMX Tallinn became NASDAQ OMX Tallinn.

In 2014 NASDAQ OMX Group, Inc. changed its business name to Nasdaq, Inc. NASDAQ OMX Tallinn became Nasdaq Tallinn.

NASDAQ Tallinn, together with Nasdaq’s exchanges in Riga and Vilnius is part of the joint Nasdaq Baltic market. Nasdaq Baltic market includes a common Baltic equities market with harmonised trading rules and market practices, same trading system, joint trading lists, harmonised indexes, a single membership, trading and settlement currency allowing investors easy access to all Baltic listed financial instruments through any of the pan-Baltic members. 

Kaarel Ots CEO Nasdaq Tallinn

Key people:
Kaarel Ots  (CEO)
Mr Ots has been Chairman of the Management Board of Nasdaq Tallin since 2016. He has more than 15 years of experience in the financial services industry. Prior to joining Nasdaq, he was developing the Financial Advisory as the Head of the Department at Deloitte.

Tel:+372 6 408 800 
Fax:+372 6 408 801
Email: tallinn [at]
Tartu mnt 2, Tallinn 10145, Estonia

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