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Nasdaq Copenhagen

posted onAugust 21, 2019

The Copenhagen Stock Exchange, also known as CSE (currently Nasdaq Copenhagen) is Denmark's official market for securities, including shares, bonds, treasury bills and notes, and financial futures and options.

The first stock exchange in Copenhagen, known as Børsen, dates back to 1625. It was founded by King Christian IV, who had realised the importance of increased trade and commerce, and so he had a grand building erected in the centre of the city in Dutch Renaissance style.

At the time of its inauguration, the building had room for at least 40 market stalls.

The historic building is one of the oldest in Copenhagen and housed the Danish stock market until 1974. 

In 1808 Copenhagen Securities Exchange (non-profit organisation) started trading.

The exchange was converted to a limited company in 1996 with 60% of share capital issued to its members.

In 1998, the exchanges in Copenhagen and Stockholm entered into a strategic alliance named NOREX Alliance. The NOREX Alliance was unique by being the first stock exchange alliance to implement a joint system for equity trading and harmonise rules and requirements between the exchanges with respect to trading and membership

In 2003, the Copenhagen Stock Exchange was acquired by OMX, the owner of the Stockholm Stock Exchange, and became known as OMX Copenhagen (OMXC). 

In 2007, OMX merged with Nasdaq and was renamed the NASDAQ OMX Group (currently known as Nasdaq). 

In 2010, NASDAQ OMX launched common INET trading platform across its seven Nordic and Baltic equity markets.

Since 2014, the Copenhagen Stock Exchange is officially called Nasdaq Copenhagen. The Nasdaq Copenhagen is one of the Nasdaq Nordic exchanges, along with the stock markets of Sweden, Norway, Finland, Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania and Iceland. 

Nasdaq Copenhagen CEO

Key people:
Nikolaj Kosakewitsch (CEO)
Mr Kosakewitsch is Nasdaq Copenhagen's CEO and Head European Equities and Derivatives since 2017. He was previously Head of Securities at Carnegie Investment Bank. He began his career at Amagerbanken. He holds an MBA from INSEAD.

Phone:+45 33 93 33 66
Address: Nikolaj Plads 6, Copenhagen, Denmark

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