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Luxembourg Stock Exchange (LuxSE)

posted onJune 19, 2019

The history of the Luxembourg Stock Exchange (LuxSE) dates back to 1928, when the company was incorporated as Société Anonyme de la Bourse de Luxembourg, with an initial issue of 7,000 shares, each valued at 1000 francs. The next year, LuxSE inaugurated its first trading session. 

During the first two decades in operations, LuxSE focused on European issuers that listed securities denominated in local European currencies. It opened up to global markets in 1953 when it listed the first bond in US dollars, issued by the World Bank. 

In 1962, the listing of France's Finance Union's investment fund marked the first fund listing at the Luxembourg Stock Exchange. The next year, the first ever eurobond, issued by Autostrade in 1963, was listed at LuxSE. 

Following the introduction of the European Currency Unit (ECU) in 1979, the Exchange listed the first bond denominated in ECU, issued by SOFTE in 1981. 

In 1990, Luxembourg Stock Exchange listed its first Global Depositary Receipt (GDR), issued by Samsung. The next year, the LuxSE introduced its first computer-aided trading system while in 1996 it launched a multi-fixing market on the new and automated trading system. 

In 1999,  ECU was replaced by the euro. Luxembourg Stock Exchange launched the LuxX index. It is composed of nine Luxembourgish companies: Aperam, ArcelorMittal, Brederode, Luxempart, Reinet Investments, RTL Group, SES, Socfinaf and Socfinasia. 

In 2002, LuxSE became the first exchange in Europe to list a sukuk, issued by Malaysia Global Sukuk Inc. 

In 2007, it became the first exchange in the world to list a green bond – issued by the European Investment Bank (EIB) while in 2011, it became the first exchange in Europe to list a dim sum bond. Since, it has become the number one listing venue outside Asia for this type of instruments. 

In 2016, the Exchange launched the Luxembourg Green Exchange (LGX), becoming the only exchange to operate a platform dedicated entirely to green, social and sustainable securities. The value of all green bonds listed with LGX surpasses $54 billion and represents half of all listed green bonds globally. 

LuxSE's core business is listing: The Grand Duchy-based exchange is home for 36,000+ securities issued by entities from more than 100 countries.

Luxembourg Stock Exchange CEO

Key people:
Robert Scharfe  (CEO)
Mr Scharfe serves as CEO of the Luxembourg Stock Exchange since 2012. Before joining the LuxSE, he spent 35 years in the Banking industry, mostly in Corporate Finance and Financial Markets. He is a recognised expert in Capital Markets matters and a specialist in Green finance.

Phone: +352 47 79 36 - 1 
Fax: +352 47 32 98 
Address: 35A Boulevard Joseph ll, L-1840 Luxembourg