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Georgia's exports up 25.2% in H1 2021

posted onJuly 20, 2021

In the first half of this year, Georgia's exports (excluding non-declared exports) stood at USD 1 884.7 million, up 25.2 percent compared to the same period in 2020, according to the country's statistics office Geostat.

Share of the domestic exports in total export constituted 73.1 percent and amounted to USD 1 377.6 million, 27.6 percent higher compared to H1 2020, indicating that the country is recovering faster than foreign trade in general in the region.

Domestic exports include export of goods produced in the country, as well as imported from abroad, the value of which has significantly changed as a result of domestic processing.

In January-June 2021 the share of the top ten trading partners by domestic exports in the total domestic exports of Georgia amounted to 79.8 percent. The top partners were China (USD 274.0 million), Russia (USD 239.5 million)  Turkey (USD 155.6 million), Bulgaria (USD 122.3 million), Ukraine (USD 73.1 million), United States (USD 63.3 million), Armenia (USD 53.3 million), Azerbaijan (USD 44.9 million), Spain (USD 40.6 million) and Switzerland (USD 32.8 million).

Georgia Exports Geostat

(Source: GeoStat)

Copper ores and concentrates reclaimed the first place in the list of top export items, equaling USD 391.0 million, or 28.4 percent of total exports. The exports of ferroalloys totaled USD 186.3 million and their share in the total exports amounted to 13.5 percent. The exports of wine of fresh grapes occupied the third place standing at USD 103.4 million and constituting 7.5 percent of the total exports.

The exports of natural or artificial mineral and aerated waters totaled USD 66.5  million and their share in the total exports amounted to 4.8 percent. The exports of nitrogenous fertilizers occupied the fifth place standing at USD 50.4 million and constituting 3.7 percent of the total exports.

The exports of spirituous beverages totaled USD 42.2 million and their share on the total exports amounted to 3.1%. The exports of T-shirts (knitted) occupied the seventh place standing at USD 35.5 million and constituting 2.6 percent of the total exports, followed by hazelnuts and other nuts (USD 34.5 million), gold (USD 29.4 million), waters, mineral and aerated waters, containing added sugar (USD22.7 million).

The exports of “other commodities” stood at USD 410.7 million, or 29.8 percent of total exports. Meanwhile, imports in Georgia decreased to USD 742.30 million in May from USD 756.30 million in April, National Bank of Georgia data showed.

The country recorded a trade deficit of USD 487.70 million in June, the central bank said.

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