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BULGARIA: Foreign direct investment grew by EUR 45 million in February 2017

posted onApril 20, 2017

Foreign direct investment (FDI) in Bulgaria amounted to EUR 102.4 million (0.2% of GDP ) in the first two months of 2017, dropping by EUR 59.3 million (36.7%) from January – February 2016 (EUR 161.7 million, 0.3% of GDP), according to preliminary data from the Bulgarian National Bank (BNB).

Equity (acquisition/disposal of shares and equities in cash and contributions in kind by non-residents in/from the capital and reserves of Bulgarian enterprises, and receipts/payments from/for real estate deals in the country) amounted to EUR 2.6 million in January – February 2017, growing by EUR 73.8 million from a negative value of EUR 71.2 million in the same period last year.

Real estate investments of non-residents totalled EUR 0.9 million, compared with EUR 4.7 million attracted in January – February 2016. The largest inflow of real estate investment was from Russia (EUR 0.4 million, 44.6% of the total amount for January – February 2017), Kazakhstan (EUR 0.2 million, 23.8% of the total amount), and Austria (EUR 0.2 million, 22% of the total amount).

The largest net direct investment inflow in Bulgaria for January – February 2017 was from the Netherlands (EUR 35.1 million, 34.3% of the total amount for the period), Malta (EUR 16 million, 15.7%), and Germany (EUR 11.5 million, 11.3%).

Foreign direct investment in Bulgaria grew by EUR 45 million in February 2017, compared with an increase of EUR 133.6 million in February 2016 BNB said.

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