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Caia, the natural lighting robot with the Italian design

posted onSeptember 14, 2017

Do you wish your home or office had more natural light? A little smart robot named Caia, the first of her kind, finds and redirects natural light for you. Caia was developed by Solenica, a robotics firm  from Italy, after a successful crowd funding. Solenica was co-founded by Dr. Diva Tommei, a Biotechnologist and bioinformaticist. 

You can position the device outside in the sunshine (the design is completely weather-proof), or a sunnier part of your home or office and then aim the robot at the less bright part of your space and it wil lflood it with daylight. Caia can start working straight away and is extremely easy to use. No installation or programming needed. Simply place it in a sunny spot and switch it on.

Once in place, the robot's algorithm will measure the intensity of the light and angle its mirror automatically to reflect the sunlight to the chosen destination, providing enough light to match the power of 13 lightbulbs. Designed to blend into any décor, she fits right into your apartment , office or home filling a space of 500 ft2 / 46.45m with light. And you never need to plug her in or recharge because she’s solar-powered!

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line black 1300