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Bucharest Stock Exchange (BVB)

posted onApril 5, 2017

Bucharest Stock Exchange (BVB) was founded in 1882 but its history traces back to 1839, when commodities-trade exchanges were established in the Romanian capital.

Throughout its existence, the activities of the Bucharest Stock Exchange were affected by the social and political events of the time. BVB was closed during the First World War and re-opened following the end of the war.

The activity of the Market for Effects, Actions and Exchange was stopped in 1948, with the establishment of the Communist regime in Romania. At that time, shares issued by 93 companies and 77 fixed-income instruments (bond type) were listed.

The Bucharest Stock Exchange reopened again in 1995 as a public interest institution after almost 50 years. The first trading session was carried out on November 20, 1995. On that date, 905 shares issued by 6 listed companies were traded.  

By the end of 1995, a total of 5 trading sessions had taken place at BVB, 379 transactions were performed with a total volume of 42,761 shares worth RON 250,000. By the end of 1995, 9 companies had been listed on BVB and the market capitalisation amounted to RON 25.9 million.

In 2010, the Bucharest Stock Exchange was listed on its own Main Market. In 2015, BVB launched the AeRO (which stands for Alternative Exchange in Romania)  market for SMEs and start-ups looking for funding.

BVB operates through Capital Markets, Post-Trading Services, Registry Services, and Services of the Investors Compensation Fund segments.

It operates Regulated Market for trading of financial instruments, such as shares and rights issued by international and Romanian entities; debt instruments, including corporate, municipality, and government bonds issued by Romanian entities and international corporate bonds; UCITs consisting of shares and fund units; structured products; and tradable UCITS, including ETFs.

The following types of financial instruments are traded on BVB: shares, rights, bonds, fund units, structured products and futures contracts. 

Some of Romania’s highest-profile companies are being traded on BVB.

In September 2016, the index provider FTSE Russell included Romania in the Watchlist for a potential future upgrade to the Emerging Market status.

Bucharest Stock Exchange CEO Adrian Tanase

Key people:
Adrian Tanase  (CEO)
Mr Tanase serves as CEO at BVB since January 2018. Previously he was Chief Investment Officer at NN Pension Company Romania. Prior to that he was General Manager at ING Investment Management Romania and Portfolio manager for ING International Romanian Equity Fund.

Tel.: (+40)(21) 307 95 00
Fax: (+40)(21) 307 95 19 
Email: bvb [at] 
Address: 34 - 36 Carol I Boulevard 020922, 14th Floor, District 2, Bucharest, Romania

(Last updated 03/06/2019)

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