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Bratislava Stock Exchange (BSSE)

posted onJuly 5, 2018

Bratislava Stock Exchange (BSSE), founded through a Memorandum of Foundation from 8 January 1991 by banks and insurance companies, is the sole operator of a regulated market of securities in the Slovak Republic.

Trading on the BSSE started on 6 April 1993, based on a licence issued by the Ministry of Finance of the Slovak Republic to establish a Stock Exchange, organize the trading of securities and co-ordinate associated activities.

From 26 June 2001, BSSE has been performing its activity on the basis of a licence to establish and operate a Stock Exchange, granted by the Financial Market Authority of the Slovak Republic. Following a decree of the National Bank of Slovakia, the licence was extended on 26 March 2008 to include the operation of a Multilateral Trading Facility (MTF).
BSSE is a joint-stock company whose activities are governed primarily by the Stock Exchange Act No 429/2002 (Coll.) on the Stock Exchange as amended by later legislation, other legal regulations and Stock Exchange Rules. BSSE operates on a membership principle, which means that only Stock Exchange Members (and National Bank of Slovakia) are authorised to directly conclude stock exchange transactions.

Peter Kubricky Bratislava Stock Exchange CEO

Key people:
Peter Kubricky  (Director General)
Mr Kubricky serves as Director General at Bratislava Stock Exchange since January 2015. He was previously Head of Capital Market Unit at the Ministry of Finance of Slovakia. Prior to that, he was Head of Markets Regulation Division at the National Bank of Slovakia.

Tel: + 421-2-4923 6111
Email: info [at]
Address: Vysoká 17, 811 06, Bratislava, Slovakia