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Athens Stock Exchange (ATHEX)

posted onApril 11, 2017

The Athens Stock Exchange (ASE) was founded in 1876 as a self regulated public organization. In 1918 ASE was transformed into a public entity. In 1991 the first electronic trading system (ASIS) was put into operation at ASE, abolishing the open-outcry method. In February 1991, the Central Securities Depository (CSD) was founded, for the clearing of transactions. In 1995, as part of the efforts to modernise the capital market, ASE was transformed into a societe anonyme, with the Greek State as the sole shareholder.

Its day-to-day running has been assigned to Hellenic Exchanges – Athens Stock Exchange S.A.(ATHEX). ATHEX operates the organized cash and derivatives markets, carries out trade clearing, settlement and registration of securities, provides comprehensive IT solutions to the Greek capital market and expands investor choice by providing a safe, stable and easy environment in full alignment with international practices and the European regulatory framework.

In 2006 the Common trading and clearing Platform between ATHEX and the Cyprus Stock Exchange is put into operation. With this cooperation, the two markets are connected and investors gain access to both markets. In January 2008 the first ETF (Exchange Traded Fund) starts trading in the Greek market. In February 2008 the operation of the Alternative Market (ENA) begins. As of 9 February 2017 on the Athens Stock Exchange 213 companies are represented with 221 stocks.

Socrates Lazarides ATHEX CEO

Key people:
Socrates Lazarides  (CEO)
Mr Lazarides has been leading ATHEX since 2010 – but has worked for the HELEX group since 1994. He is also Chairman of the Board of the Stock Markets Steering Committee, member of the Board of the Hellenic Capital Market Commission, Chairman of the Hellenic Corporate Governance Council, and Member of the Board of the American-Hellenic Chamber of Commerce.

Tel.+30 210 33 66 800 
Fax +30 210 33 66 101
Email: protocol[at] 
Address: 110 Athinon Avenue, Athens 10442, Greece

(Last updated on 03/06/2019)

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