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The idea Australia’s climate policy will impact alliance with US and UK is ‘rubbish’

8 hours 50 minutes ago
The Australian’s Foreign Editor Greg Sheridan says the idea that Australia's potential climate policy choices will affect the alliance with the US and UK is "absolute rubbish". “National security is the last refuge of the scoundrel when you’re arguing things like climate change,” Mr Sheridan told Sky News Australia. “For goodness sakes the United States are a close ally of Saudi Arabia, which commits the most outrageous human rights abuses and doesn’t do anything for climate. “The idea that if Australia said it was going to reach net zero by 2060 or decrease its emissions by five per cent instead of eight per cent – the idea that this would affect our alliance is just absolute rubbish.”

Reports Facebook will change its name

9 hours 12 minutes ago
There are reports Facebook will change its name next week, according to Sky News Business Editor Ross Greenwood. News outlet The Verge is reporting the company will change its name, but it is not yet known what the change will be. There is speculation the change may come in the form of a holding company such as when Google created Alphabet or if it will be something else. There is also speculation as to whether this is due to Facebook’s global legal issues, or because the platform is seen to be old. The Verge says the change is said to be due to Facebook creator Mark Zuckerberg’s desire to create what he calls ‘the metaverse’, something he wishes to be the leader of. Mr Zuckerberg has hired 10,000 computer programmers to make this a reality.

Nationals have ‘every right’ to be ‘prosecuting their case’

9 hours 13 minutes ago
Former Liberal advisor David Gazard says the National Party has “every right” to be “prosecuting its case” in the net zero commitment debate. Mr Gazard said a discussion between the two coalition partners “enables the country to reach those targets without causing that massive upheaval that the Greens would really like to see. “You can appeal, in those regional areas, where they depend on mining jobs, where they depend on gas," he told Sky News Australia. “Whether you like it or not, those are commodities and those are businesses that are going to keep going – we need them in a transition sense. “We need a lot of the minerals that are going to be produced.”

Amusement parks face insurance crisis

9 hours 15 minutes ago
As Australia continues to gradually reopen, small business bodies are warning amusement parks, fetes and shows could be forced to shut due to an insurance crisis. Small Business Ombudsman Bruce Billson says it is of “significant concern” for operators in the industry. “Think of transportable attractions, think of amusement parks, think of indoor play centres, go karting, trampolines, those sorts of things,” Mr Billson told Sky News Australia. “Because there’s a hardening in the insurance market, it’s been very difficult, in some cases, in many cases, impossible for those small and family businesses to access the insurance they need to be permitted to operate. “And that’s going to take you know a real heart out of so much of those regions' economies and for city folks that count on these types of activities.”

Bank branches and ATMs disappearing

9 hours 17 minutes ago
The use of cash is disappearing fast, as are bank branches and ATMs, according to Sky News Business Editor Ross Greenwood. Australia’s banking regulator APRA released data dating back to June of this year of both ATMs and branches, with banks being split up regionally. APRA’s data shows over the past four years, 6,057 ATMs have disappeared, going from 13,814 in June 2017 to 7,757 in June 2021. Bank branch numbers have gone from 5,816 in June 2017 to 4,491 in June 2021.

Tech stocks help propel ASX higher

9 hours 41 minutes ago
The Australian sharemarket lifted across the board amid a slew of quarterly trading updates and after a positive lead from Wall Street, with only energy and telco sectors losing ground.

Coalition is ‘cutting it fine’ with net zero deal

9 hours 45 minutes ago
Sky News Political Editor Andrew Clennell says the Coalition government is "cutting it fine" in their discussions for a net zero target to bring to COP26, which starts in just over a week. The Coalition still remains bitterly divided over the potential target, with talks between the two partners remaining a “slow-moving deal”. “There’s still some confidence they can get the net zero deal up by perhaps Sunday, the Nationals perhaps to sign off on it then,” Mr Clennell said. “That’s just four days before Scott Morrison flies to Glasgow for the COP26 conference.”

Net zero has been ‘weaponised by the conservatives’

10 hours 2 minutes ago
Climate debate in Australia has been at an impasse for some time but Labor MP Ed Husic says net zero emissions by 2050 should have bipartisan support by the next election. “I think we need to get to that point and just sort this out, I mean, other countries have been able to get their head around this,” he told Sky News Australia. “Why we haven’t has largely been a result of it being weaponised as an issue by conservatives, by the Liberals and Nationals, it’s always been a short term focus to win votes, it’s never been about seizing the opportunity to create jobs and strengthen manufacturing.” Mr Husic said there is “no certainty” agreeing to net zero is a “done deal”. “If we ever get to a point of net zero we should all question what has been the agenda of the Liberal and National Parties over the last ten years,” he said.

BHP reports soft start to financial year

1 day 15 hours ago
Iron ore miner BHP has reported a soft start to the financial year due to their production levels, according to Sky News business reporter Edward Boyd. Production for the company has dropped approximately three per cent this quarter compared to the previous quarter. The numbers are similar to those reported by rival miner Rio Tinto as their iron ore production fell. Both companies are reporting labour shortages in Western Australia, specifically for train drivers for BHP to transport the ore.

Apple’s two newest MacBook Pros to be company’s ‘best-performing’ laptops

1 day 15 hours ago
EFTM tech expert Trevor Long says Apple’s newest two MacBooks Pros will be the “best-performing laptops” the company sells. “Two big screens, so the 14-inch and the 16-inch MacBook Pro, brand new processor – the M1 Pro and Max,” Mr Long told Sky News Australia. “That means that basically Apple has packed in as much power and performance as they can – these will be the best-performing laptops they sell." He said what is “fascinating” is that Apple has brought back features which it previously got rid of, including a HDMI port, SD card readers and their MagSafe power adapter. “They’re all back in these, so they are everything pro that Apple’s previously been known for, but now with the added performance, a new look and a better camera too because Zooming is the new norm.”

Liberals could ‘bleed votes’ without decisive action on climate change

1 day 15 hours ago
The Liberal Party could bleed votes in key seats if it continues to chase conservative votes at the expense of taking decisive action on climate change, focus groups have warned. Prime Minister Scott Morrison is under pressure to take a net zero emissions plan to the COP26 climate summit in Glasgow, which is scheduled to take place later this month. Director of Redbridge Group Simon Welsh told Sky News Australia many voters are now focusing on the long-term recovery of the nation following the COVID-19 pandemic. “What we found last year was the climate change issue sort of went away for a lot of folk but it’s back and it’s back with a vengeance,” he said. “We’re seeing it come up amongst the wealthier voters in those blue ribbon Liberal seats, they’re very concerned about the issue. “I think COVID’s got a lot of people now thinking about long-term recovery, the long-term of their kids, their country so this is really tying into this climate change concern. “The danger we’re seeing here for Liberal Party is that if they go chasing votes on the right with a conservative position around climate change, they could end up bleeding votes in these key liberal seats in the centre.”

‘Let’s watch and wait’ to see what comes from joint Coalition party room meeting

1 day 15 hours ago
Sky News Political Reporter Trudy McIntosh says she has been told by a source close to the Prime Minister that climate change is not on the agenda for today's joint Coalition party room meeting. "But you would be surprised given the debate we've seen publicly in the Coalition if it doesn't get a mention in terms of backbench questions," Ms McIntosh told Sky News Australia. "They can't control the agenda in terms of what backbench MPs want to get up and say in the meeting. "Let's watch and wait to see what actually comes out of this party room meeting."

Australia bracing for parcel crisis

1 day 16 hours ago
Aussies can expect further delays to their online shopping as workers from three of Australia’s biggest delivery companies are expected to strike for 24 hours on Thursday, which could hold up thousands of parcels as well as booze.
8 hours 33 minutes ago
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