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Accounting & Finance Show

Accounting & Finance Show, 09/09/2019, Toronto, Canada

The Accounting & Finance Show brings together the technology, the people and the experts that will keep you ahead of the exciting changes that are sweeping your profession.

Technology is revolutionising accounting and financial management. Cloud accounting and a plethora of new applications, software and services are giving accountants, bookkeepers and finance managers a powerful range of value-adding tools. Small businesses now have access to financial management solutions that are low cost, mobile and scalable. How can accounting firms embrace this digital transformation? How do accounting professionals keep up with the pace of change? 

Accounting& Finance Show is:

  • A showcase for the world’s leading solution providers
  • Over 200 hours of CPD education on all the important topics
  • Workshops and “How to” sessions
  • Live demos
  • The one place where you can assess technology that is right for your business 
  • Networking with peers and those who face the same issues as you

This is about different and better in data, analytics, decision making, funding and results.  

  • Practice Management 
  • Bookkeeping
  • Technology 
  • Funding, Cash-flow and Accounts Receivable 
  • Business Advisory 
  • Wealth Management 
  • Payroll, HRM and CRM 
  • Finance Directors’ Summit 
  • Tax

2019 Speakers:
Julbert Abraham, Chief Executive Officer, AGM - "The LinkedIn Guy". Jennifer Agro, Senior Manager, BDO Canada. Shoaib Ahmed, Group Financial Controller, Careem. Javed Akbar, Chief Audit And Risk Executive, Rafal Real Estate Development Company. Brad Bakker, Partner, Ward And Uptigrove.

Boris Baranov, Cpa Baranov CPA Professional Corporation. Darryl Boyd, Accounting Intermediary, Poe Group Advisors. Tim Bridge, Partner, Ward & Uptigrove Chartered Professional Accountant. Lisa Campbell, CPB, CPFP Profit Strategist, The Marcam Group. Grace Caputo, Senior Manager - Indirect Tax, Grant Thornton. Jonathan Carter, Principal, KATA Accounting Solutions. Lorraine Cipparone Professor of Accounting, Sheridan College. Tammatha Denyes, Chief Cloud Cpb, TD Accounting Services. 
Patrick Downey, CEO, Ward & Uptigrove Chartered Professional Accountant.

Terri Ellis Partner, RSM. Franklin Famme, Partner, Famme And Company. Carly Ferris, Regional Director, Capstan Tax Strategies. Loren Francis, Vice President And Principal, HighView Financial Group. Zachary Gordon, Senior Manager, Janover LLC. Sevan Gorginian, Bankruptcy Attorney And Adjunct Professor Of Law, Law Office of Sevan Gorginian.

Carl Gould, Mentorship Director, Entrepreneurs Organization. Paul Hewitt, Principal, Paul S Hewitt CPA. Tanya Hilts, Founder, Tanya's Bookkeepers Bootcamp. Frank Kiepura, Valuation Analyst, Lieberman. Michael Koff, Owner, Michael Koff & Associate. Keith Lewis, Project Manager, SEI. Viktoria Matlis, Owner, Accounts in Line. Norair Mazmanian, CFO, Hellogbye Canada Inc. Laurie Mcgee. Principal, The CFO Centre Limited.

Eugene Mirkin, Principal, EMPC. Elizabeth Mulholland, Chief Executive Officer, Prosper Canada. Aaron Murphy, CFO, Chris Hadfield Inc. Michael Palmer, Chief Executive Officer, Pure Bookkeeping. Kellie Parks, Cloud Accounting Specialist, Calmwaters Cloud Accounting. Matt Phillips, Speaker, Author And High Performance Coach, Pro Athlete Advantage. Seth Pomeroy, Partner, NDH Group.

Anneli Pretorius, Owner, Perfektum Bookkeeping Inc. Hanna Roohi, Partner, Roohi & Associate Chartered Professional Accountants. Christopher Salem, Business & Emotional Intelligence Strategist, CRS Group. Andrew Schwartz, Cpa Partner, Schwartz & Schwartz PC. Jamaal Solomon, CEO, EA, J S Tax Corporation. Sean Stein Smith, Professor, Lehman College.

Mark Stone, Managing Partner, Cpa, Sales Tax Defense. Jean-Guy Talbot FCPA FCGA, Founder & CEO, Talbot & Associates. Soheil Talebi, Partner, Soheil Talebi Professional. Irene Wachsler, Cpa, Wachsler Cpa. Susan Watkin, President And Accounting Principle, Watkins Small Business Services. Brian Yacker, Managing Partner, YH Advisors, Inc. Dorothy Zubel, Director of Finance, The Montana Group. 

Venue: Metro Toronto Convention centre