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Submitted by Newsroom on Tue, 12/19/2017 - 16:48
Andreas Kern Wikifolio founder


Wikifolio records the fifth consecutive year of growth

In an ideal world of finance, all people can invest their money profitably and enjoy free access to successful trading ideas. They do not depend on financial advisors who often may only have their own commissions in mind, but obtain suitable tools to decide for themselves how much they want to invest in what. In a perfect setting, people can understand the performance of their investments at any time and fill gaps in knowledge quickly and effortlessly. This is exactly the type of environment Andreas Kern wanted to create, and he founded Wikifolio , which has developed into a leading social trading platform.

“My vision is the democratization of the investment market”, says Kern. Both in terms of the investor and the trader. The Austria-based online platform went live in Germany in 2012 and enables traders to turn their portfolios into fully-fledged financial products, called “wikifolios”, which are then listed on the stock exchange Börse Stuttgart. Interested users and potential investors can see all trading ideas, real-market data, indices and every wikifolio trade at all times and in real-time without registering and entirely free of charge. 

2017 was an economically successful year for Wikifolio. Sales increased by more than 100 percent year-on-year (107%). The company is expected to close the financial year with a profit before interest and taxes (EBIT). With the introduction of the collateralization of wikifolio certificates in March this year, the number of orders with a volume of more than 100,000 euros has risen significantly. Wikifolio recorded the highest customer order in its history with around one million euros. Since August this year, seven wikifolio certificates have been consecutively included in the top 10 most-traded products in the Index and Participation Products segment of the Stuttgart Stock Exchange (EUWAX).

Kern is convinced: "With the collateralization, we reduced the risk of defaults by the issuer (issuer risk) while maintaining the same pricing model. Investors reward the improved protection with higher investments."

For the coming year, the company has decided to continue its growth. "In addition, blockchain technology will also play a role for wikifolio, regardless of the current cryptocurrency hype," predicts Kern.

With PostFinance AG (Switzerland) and NewAlpha (France), the fintech company has gained two international investors this year. "The capital increase allows us to tackle new projects," says Kern. "Our shareholders are based in four countries and pursue four different strategic priorities. They can help us with the further development of the entire Wikifolio ecosystem."

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