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Traders Expo New York

Traders Expo 10-12 March 2019 New York, USA

New Tools for New Markets, Higher Volatility, and Greater Opportunities

For years Traders Expo has sought to educate beginning and experienced traders about the best new and established trading strategies and techniques. This year's Traders Expo New York will continue that tradition, but also introduce numerous new and unique market indexes and indicators that will help traders gauge, trade, and hedge risk in emerging sectors and forecast market activity.

Traders Expo is the place where new ideas are launched and attendees can obtain the tools to become their own market wizards going forward. The 20th Anniversary Traders Expo New York will dive into the world of cryptocurrencies and introduce products and resources to exploit both new and established market sectors. We envision a return to more volatile markets and our experts are prepared to deliver the tools you need to not only navigate and survive greater volatility, but to profit from it.

Some of the world’s best traders will be at The Traders Expo New York. Attend expert-led live trading demonstrations, ask questions of the experts during presentations and panel discussions, learn new trading strategies for any market, refine your trading skills, and much more.

Why Every Trader Needs to Attend

1. Innovation: Presenting new products, new strategies, and new ways to trade existing products and strategies from a stable of highly successful professional traders and analysts.
2. Continuity: Every trader should keep up with cutting-edge techniques, products, and strategies; but there are trading and hedging principles that have stood the test of time. 
3. Expertise: Over 75 global traders and educators will share their wisdom and experience. You'll learn new approaches to trading and new ways to read charts, track fundamentals, and discover trading opportunities.

Venue: New York Hilton Midtown

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