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Timeular thinks time is the most valuable thing in life

posted onDecember 1, 2017

Manuel Bruschi doesn’t like wasting his time. That’s why he's always looking for hacks, tools and ways to improve his daily routines at work and private life. Bruschi is the founder and CEO of Timeular, an Austrian startup best known for Zei, an eight-sided Bluetooth-enabled device that tracks time.

Through Timeular's software, users can assign a project to each face of the device and immediately start tracking the time of the project which has its corresponding side facing up. Users need to simply flip the device to start and stop tracking different tasks and activities.They can even customise the device by writing, sticking or drawing something on it.

In May, the Graz-based startup raised €1m ($1.1m) in funding. The funding came from Austrian VC Speedinvest as well as from an Austrian innovation research grant and from one unnamed business angel. The company is using this new fundraising to expand its operations to the US and other international markets. It will also use the money to develop a time-tracking and productivity solution that will give users tips to boost their output, and reports into how their work productivity is faring.

Timeular Team
The Timeular Team

“Time-tracking is nice but you need to create some value because people struggle for insight into their data,” Timeular CEO Manuel Bruschi told TechCrunch in an interview. “We want to help people to become more productive and see how they can spend their time better.”

“People are stating to care more about time than money,” Bruschi added. “That’s what we want to help them achieve. It used to be ‘work hard, play hard,’ but now we think it is more important to work smart. For example, working 30 hours a week while keeping the same output and making time for other things in life.”

Zei was initially funded through a Kickstarter Campaign is time recording software agnostic and can be turned off while in transit.

Manuel Bruschi worked for many years in the field of web development and was a junior researcher at the Holzinger Group in the field of human computer interaction and physiological computing.

Timeular was named Austrian startup of the year for 2016.

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