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Random Roger ruminates about the markets

posted onDecember 19, 2017

Roger Nusbaum has been working in the investment industry since 1984 and he is the ETF Strategist for AdvisorShares, a global investment management firm based in Bethesda, Maryland, USA. Nusbaum started Random Roger, his stock market blog in September 2004. For many years the Random Roger has focused on portfolio construction, behavioral finance, the need for innovative retirement solutions and ETF thought leadership related to analysis, portfolio implementation and the evolution of exchange traded products. 

“I downloaded Mozilla Firefox and Blogger was included in the bookmarks in the version I downloaded. I thought it would be kind of fun to write about stuff going on in my life – we have crazy dogs, live in a quirky community and I volunteer as a wildland firefighter – but I ran out of of things to talk about after a couple of days and started writing about the market and other related topics.” Nusbaum said in an interview with Stocktickr.

He enjoys the writing and that he gets to help some people become more knowledgeable investors.He is also a well-known financial commentator covering ETFs, retirement planning and portfolio management for and at 

Nusbaum and his wife Joellyn live in Prescott, Arizona where he also serves as the Fire Chief for the all-volunteer Walker Fire Protection Association. 

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