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european women in finance


European Women in Finance 

28-29 November 2018, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Be inspired by industry leaders, join a vibrant and talented community and help push financial services towards a responsible and inclusive future.

Challenge the status quo
Be motivated by successful women in finance to rock the boat positively and stand out from the crowd. Discover the importance of female role models, ways to accelerate your career and how to get into the boardroom.

Grow your network
Join a lively and friendly community of people working in finance. This is a fantastic chance to broaden your connections, create opportunities, share advice and build close relationships.

Maximise your potential
Learn how to break through the glass ceiling with our empowering workshops, including sessions on body language, negotiating your salary and staying true to yourself.

The map to long-term business success
Develop your leadership skills, learn how to grow high performing teams, or find out more about building a diverse and inclusive workforce with a culture you can be proud of.

Don’t get left behind…
No industry will look the same ten years from now and finance is no different. Get up to speed on the trends and emerging technology impacting the sector and your career.

Leonique van Houwelingen CEO @ The Bank of New York Mellon SA/NV
Charlotte Hogg CEO @ Visa Europe
Sophie Javary Head of Corporate Finance EMEA @ BNP Paribas
Jeanette Jäger CEO @ Bankgirot
Margarita Delgado Deputy Governor @ Banco de España
Ursula Egli COO/CFO/CRO @ Bank Julius Bär Europe A
Ute Hesse Managing Director @ ING Wholesale Banking
Allegra van Hövell-Patrizi Chief Risk Officer and Member of the Management Board @ Aegon N.V.
Veronica Augustsson CEO @ Cinnober
Mónica López-Monís Gallego Executive Vice-President and Global Chief Compliance Officer @ Banco Santander
Olga Miler Managing Director, Global Program Architect @ UBS
Anja Stolz Managing Director @ Commerzbank
Michelle DiGruttolo Senior Managing Director @ Ankura


Venue: RAI Conference Centre, Europaplein 22, 1078 GZ Amsterdam, Netherlands 

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