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Bucharest stocks end on the negative side

posted onMay 20, 2019

Bucharest stocks ended under pressure on the first trading day of the week as European equities extended losses.

The benchmark BET index, which includes the most traded 16 companies except for the Financial Investment Companies (SIFs), fell 0.23% to 8,205.08 points. The BET-TR index, which also includes the dividends offered by the companies from the BET index, lost 0.25% to 12,252.88 points.

The BET-FI index, which tracks the SIFs and property restitution fund Fondul Proprietatea, dropped 0.40% to 35,842.89 points. The BETPlus index was off 0.28% to 1,225.80 points. BETPlus tracks the price changes of Romanian companies listed on BVB’s Regulated Market that meet minimum selection criteria of liquidity and free float. Financial investment companies are excluded from the index.

(Graph Source: BVB)

Bucharest stocks

Here is how the BET index 16 constituents performed at today's trading session:

Alro, one of the largest vertically integrated aluminium producers in Europe, based on the production capacity, was up 0.47% to 2.1600. Banca Transilvania S.A., the first Romanian bank listed on the BVB, was unchanged to 2.1150 points while BRD - Groupe Societe Generale SA, was off 1.96% to 10.9800 points.

Bursa de Valori Bucuresti SA, the parent company of the Bucharest Stock Exchange was down 1.79%  to 22.0000 points and C.N.T.E.E. Transelectrica, an electricity transmission system operator, decreased by 1.46% to 20.2000 points.

CONPET SA, the operator of the National Transport System of crude oil via pipelines, was unchanged to 79.4000 points while Digi Communications N.V, the parent company of RCS & RDS-one of the biggest telecommunication operators in Central and Eastern Europe and the largest cable and satellite television company in Romania- was also unchanged to 23.4000 points.

Fondul Proprietatea, a joint stock company operating as an Alternative Investment Fund, established by the Romanian state in 2005 to assure the financial resources necessary to compensate the persons abusively expropriated by the communist regime depreciated by 0.41% to 0.9740 points.

MedLife SA, the largest private medical operator in Romania, jumped 2.74%  to 30.0000 points.
OMV Petrom SA, the largest oil and gas group in Southeastern Europe, added 0.13% to 0.3810 points. Purcari Wineries Public Company Limited, the largest wine exporter from Moldova, delivering to over 30 markets in Europe, Asia and America was unchanged to 20.3000 points.

S.N. NUCLEARELECTRICA S.A., the state-owned nuclear power producer, slumped 2.76% to 10.5800 points. S.N.G.N. Romgaz S.A., Romania’s largest natural gas producer and supplier was unchanged to 33.9000 points. S.N.T.G.N. Transgaz S.A., the Romanian state-controlled gas transporter, added 0.56% to 357.0000 points.

Societatea Energetica Electrica S.A., the biggest electricity distributor and supplier in Romania, gained 0.46% to 10.8500 and Sphera Franchise Group, a holding company which builds a portfolio of well recognised, power brands, operated from a franchise perspective such as KFC, Pizza Hut, Pizza Hut Delivery and Taco Bell in Romania was up 0.53% to 19.0000 points.

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