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Better than Gold, Investing in Historic Cars by Dietrich Hatlapa

posted onSeptember 22, 2017

Better than Gold, Investing in Historic Cars is a unique and in-depth analysis of the global multi-billion dollar classic car market. Despite the fact that this market exists more than half a century, it had never been documented, analyzed and interpreted until recently.

Dietrich Hatlapa, both a classic car enthusiast and finance industry professional, decided to take his love of classic cars a step further. In 2007 he founded in London the Historic Automobile Group International (HAGI) research organisation and created the first authoritative, independent classic car market indeces.

The 350-page book introduces the HAGI indices, which measure this market accurately on a monthly basis using financial methodology.

Interestingly, the book opens with the sort of disclaimer you’d normally expect in an investment portfolio, showing how seriously the author has taken the subject: “HAGI does not undertake... provides no representation... cannot be viewed as an indicator of future results... readers should seek appropriate professional advice...”

The book has four main sections which cover subjects such as market history and description, size, and value drivers. It also includes 200 photographs of collectors’ cars, price performance graphs and tables.

Using the indices, it offers insight into some of the most interesting market phases. Finally the book includes an easily understood guide to some of the main collectors’ marques and models, useful for both the market novice and the experienced owner.

Hatlapa has produced a ground-breaking work that will fascinate and enlighten serious classic car enthusiasts and anyone with an interest in the mechanisms of markets in the unsettled economic times we live in today.


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