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Belgrade Stock Exchange

posted onMarch 30, 2018

The Belgrade Stock Exchange, known locally as the Beogradska Berza (BB) was founded in 1894 after the King of Serbia Milan M. Obrenović proclaimed the Stock exchange law of 1886. The purpose of founding the Exchange was to promote, facilitate and regulate trading in various commodities, all securities allowed to be quated, cheques and coupons, coins and paper money. The first trading sessions were held in the hotel „Bosna“ on the bank of the river Sava.

The exchange was shuttered in 1941 during WWII but was re-opened as the Yugoslav Capital Market in 1989. In 1992, the Yugoslav Capital Market changed its name to the Belgrade Stock Exchange. Since its re-establishment, the operation of the Belgrade Stock Exchange has not been interrupted. In the 1990s, the trading material mostly consisted of debt instruments of companies, government bonds and the like. 

The Belgrade Stock Exchange launched its first electronic trading system in 2001 and its first index, the BELEX15, in early 2005. In 2006, the Exchange started to organize educational courses for the general public and improved its cooperation with issuers of securities, which in April 2007 led to the first security listing. 

The first shares of public enterprises in Serbia were listed on the Belgrade Stock Exchange in 2010 and so the local capital market arrived in the center of attention of the general public. Further improvements in the investor relations area and transparency of the local companies were realized at the end of 2010, when the first Award for best IR was awarded to a listed company on the Belgrade SE International Conference, as well as through organizing the first BELEX Day of listed companies in 2011, on which representatives of listed companies meet with domestic and foreign investors. 

On 22 February 2016, the Belgrade Stock Exchange, along with the Ljubljana Stock Exchange, decided to join SEE Link, an EBRD-sponsored regional network for trading securities. The Belgrade Stock Exchange is a member of the Federation of Euro-Asian Stock Exchanges. 

Phone: +381.11.311.72.97 
Fax: +381.11.2138.242 
Email: info[at]
Address: Beogradska berza a.d. Beograd
Omladinskih brigada 1
11070 Novi Beograd, Serbia

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Kyoto is the iconic tourist spot of Japan and its best season is spring in April. All over the city clouds of beautiful cherry blossoms bloom and draw visitors from every corner of Japan and the world; every evening the trees are lit and give a truly enchanting display.  

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Sorrento, perched picturesquely on a plateau above the sea with spectacular views over the Bay of Naples, has been a popular tourist destination for almost two centuries. This beautiful seaside community makes a great base for visiting the Amalfi Coast, Capri and Pompeii. 

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April isn’t actually spring in Argentina — it’s fall. Which happens to be harvest season for the hundreds of vineyards that call Mendoza home. Every March through May, the region attracts more than 70,000 wine lovers to witness the gathering of the grapes in one of Argentina’s most prolific winemaking zones. 

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Maramures is probably the most wonderful hidden secret of Romania. Like walking into a fairy tale or stepping back into medieval Europe.  Maramures has the most UNESCO monuments in the country. But besides the monuments, you’ll love the welcoming people, scenery and gastronomy. 

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Madagascar, a huge island nation off the southeast coast of Africa, is home to thousands of animal species – like lemurs – found nowhere else, plus rainforests, beaches and reefs. Miles and miles of stunning coastline wrap around the island.  Turtles visit the beaches, dolphins and whales appear in its waters revelling in the crystal clear water of this wonderland. 

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With over 14 miles of idyllic beaches, a range of modern resorts and accommodations, excellent shopping, dining and nightlife, Cancun is one of Mexico`s most popular destinations and one which keeps visitors coming back again and again.

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The most popular island holiday destination in the Indonesian archipelago is home to an ancient culture that's known for its warm hospitality.Exotic temples and palaces set against stunning natural backdrops 


Kyoto, Japan: The cherry blossoms create one of the most spectacular spring sights in the city


Sorrento,Italy: Cobblestone streets, small, rocky beaches and picture-perfect views of Mount Vesuvius and Naples 


Mendoza, Argentina: Loved for its tree-lined streets, sunny days, Malbec wine and restaurants and spas


Maramures, Romania: Widely regarded as the country's most traditional region


Madagascar, Africa: One of the most jaw-dropping and fascinating wildlife hotspots


Cancun, Mexico: Surrounded by clear Caribbean waters it has much more to offer than its party-town reputation might suggest.


Bali, Indonesia: Stunning beaches, scenic rice paddies and deep sense of spirituality draw millions of foreign visitors