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NETHERLANDS: Amsterdam remains a top destination for foreign companies

For the third year in a row, a record number of international companies have opened an office in the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area
posted onJune 22, 2017

Amsterdam is a key launchpad into the European market, with a stable business climate, diverse talent pool, entrepreneurial mindset and a work-life balance.  A total of 157 new foreign companies opened an office in the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area in 2016 according to Gemeente Amsterdam.

In three years’ time, these companies will jointly provide 3,312 jobs. The expansion of businesses established prior to 2016 created another 4,285 new jobs in 2016. International companies also contribute indirectly to employment: it is estimated that for the 7,597 jobs created by direct investment, several thousands of indirect jobs were generated.

Kajsa Ollongren, Amsterdam's alderperson for Economic Affairs, says: “As these figures show, Amsterdam is a magnet for international businesses, talent and startups. The idea that our city and the surrounding region are attractive to companies is great news for talent, as these firms contribute greatly to job creation. This is why it’s important to maintain Amsterdam’s favourable international position. 2016 has been a turbulent year for many reasons – one of them being the Brexit. However, amidst all those changes, Amsterdam remains a top destination for foreign investment.”

In IBM’s Global Location Trends report 2016, Amsterdam takes third place in terms of attracting foreign investment; it comes fourth in the European Attractiveness Survey by EY and fifth in the Cities of Opportunity ranking (PwC) for most competitive cities.

Companies from the EMEA region (Europe, the Middle East and North Africa) were the biggest investors in 2016, with 41% of the new offices originating from there, representing 41% of the number of new jobs. The United States remains a major investor with 46 new companies and 1194 jobs. In terms of expansion, North America takes the lead with 24 of the 37 expanding companies. Investments from Asia remained stable in 2016, representing 22% of new companies. Most of the new international companies are active in ICT, financial services and the creative industry.


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