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Brazil estimates record soybean crop of 130,5 million tons in 2021; wheat imports could climb to 7,3 million tons

2 days 1 hour ago

Brazilian soybean production is expected to increase some five million tons in the 2020/21 harvest to a record 130,5 million tons, according to Daniel Amaral, chief economist of the Brazilian Association of Vegetable Oil Industries (Abiove). Based on this crop oilseed exports could reach 80 million tons in 2021, while domestic crushing could reach a new annual record of 45 million tons.

Argentina deal with bondholders was at 54,8 cents to the dollar; next step IMF negotiations

4 days 23 hours ago

Argentina is battling to escape from a messy ninth sovereign default as it firefights recession, stubborn inflation, and increasingly wary investors. The country announced on Tuesday it had reached an agreement with creditors to restructure around US$ 65 billion in foreign debt, breaking a deadlock over recent weeks and setting the stage for a formal deal later this month.

South Georgia issues Macaroni Penguin gold coins

5 days 22 hours ago

After the recent release of South Georgia and South Sandwich Islands Penguin Series, The Pobjoy Mint is announcing a limited-edition Proof Fine 1/25oz Gold coin featuring the macaroni penguin to complement this immensely popular series.

7 minutes 58 seconds ago
South Atlantic News Agency