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Falklands/Argentine fisheries scientific meetings unlikely to take place

1 day 6 hours ago

A UK/Falklands-Argentina meeting of the South Atlantic Scientific Sub-Committee scheduled for January is “unlikely” to take place, the Falklands lawmaker MLA Teslyn Barkman told Penguin News. The prospect of this happening and “taking Britain out of the comfort zone enjoyed” until now, had been advanced by Mercopress.

More than 470 million currently unemployed or underemployed, warns UN

3 days 19 hours ago

More than 470 million people worldwide are currently unemployed or underemployed, the UN said on Monday, warning that a lack of access to decent jobs was contributing to social unrest. The global unemployment rate has remained relatively stable over much of the past decade, according to the UN's International Labour Organization.

12 minutes 13 seconds ago
South Atlantic News Agency